Business Coaching


Organizational Coaching Program adapted to each company, we facilitate processes of strengthening and improvement in key areas of strategic and organizational management of the company, the Global Coaching School Organizational Coaching model has a strategic, integral approach to the operational implementation of Action in the institution:

  1. Current Situation of the Company, We diagnose, through the tools of Coaching where the company is currently, that gaps, needs, limitations, paradigms and organizational habits are present in their current situation and what are the goals, objectives proposed.
  2. Organizational Coaching Design With the inputs of organizational diagnosis we proceed to the design of Organizational Coaching, the work plan appropriate to the actions required to close the gaps of the institutional diagnosis, using Coaching methodology and tools.
  3. Implementation, The implementation process of the Organizational Coaching plan where the main actor is the organization through its work teams and the development of all the activities, tasks and commitments assumed to bring the company from the current state to the state
  4. Evaluation and monitoring, in previously agreed sessions is evaluated, the execution of all actions and results achieved in the development of Organizational Coaching.
  5. Desired Situation, all the actions that the company has set out to achieve the desired situation, the goals and objectives proposed.